A-DA's mission is "to provide vocational skills training and educational advancement for youth, military veterans, and adults with disabilities and to assist them in finding employment and overcoming barriers to personal and financial self-sufficiency." - Since 1975
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Pre-apprenticeship Program

Computer Support Specialist Pre-apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Programs of Able-Disabled Advocacy

Training America’s Workers
Apprenticeships are designed as “earn and learn” training experiences that combine work-based learning with technical instruction. While 75 years ago, the early apprenticeship system began in construction and other skilled trades, the 21st century apprenticeships provide learning on- the-job for more than 1,000 occupations. Today, there are 450,000 apprentices working for 150,000 companies in the U.S. Able-Disabled Advocacy’s (A-DA’s) program is part of a federal initiative to double the number of apprenticeships over the next five years and prepare American workers for highly technical jobs.
A-DA’s IT Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a training, certification and employment program that is designed for individuals who have identified their passion for technology and desire to pursue an IT career. Pre-apprenticeships are designed to provide basic training in an occupation that will lead to an apprenticeship.  Students learn technical support skills and attain IT certifications that are demanded by local employers, all at little or no cost.  With A-DA’s $3.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, the training is free and the cost of the exams for two certifications will be paid by the program. During the 8-month program, students attain their CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications while attending classes two days each week.  This full-time program is demanding; 20 hours of study each week is expected.  Students are required to pass their certification exams by the exam due dates in order to complete the entire program on schedule.
Pre-Apprenticeships Offer a Pathway to Apprenticeship Programs
Pre-apprenticeship training is not paid. Students will need a source of income that will allow them to complete the entire Pre-apprenticeship Program.  The program includes career counseling, interview and resume preparation, and job search tips. This training will prepare pre-apprentices to enter A-DA’s IT Registered Apprenticeship Program. A-DA staff will work directly with pre-apprentices to identify employment opportunities that will fulfill the requirements of A-DA’s Computer Support Specialist apprenticeships.  Pre-Apprentices will apply for jobs with staff assistance and once hired, they will be placed into A-DA’s Computer Support Specialist Registered Apprenticeship Program. Apprentices learn while working On-the-Job in the IT industry with guidance from a committed employer.
To further improve skills, the technical training continues during the apprenticeship, with apprentices continuing to work on attaining two Windows 7 certifications.  By participating in the Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Programs of Able-Disabled Advocacy, individuals can build an IT career without incurring student debt. This alternative to college provides a pathway to be successful in high-skilled, high-paying jobs that are in demand. To begin the application process, complete the Program Interest Form on A-DA’s website at
  • High school diploma or GED—proof of education must be submitted (generally a college transcript will be accepted as proof of completing high school)
  • Age 21 or older, no maximum age
  • Grade 10 Reading, 9th Grade Math
  • Legal right to work in the United States
  • IT coursework is encouraged
  • Must be able to pass a drug test and background check
  • Experience is not required; however, applicants who have experience may score higher than those who do not have any IT experience
Application Process
Candidates must complete several steps in order to complete the application process for Pre-Apprenticeship training. The first step is to submit a Program Interest Form.  Once we receive it we will send you an invite to attend an orientation and take our assessment tests if you are interested in moving forward.
  • Complete the Program Interest Form on A-DA’s website:
  • Provide a resume
  • Attend an orientation
  • Take the required assessment exams
  • Complete the application and questions asked
  • Top candidates will be invited to Interview with A-DA’s Selection Committee
This is a competitive process. We have more applicants than available seats. Each applicant will receive a score based on exam results and interview scores to create a ranking. Scores will determine placement into pre-apprenticeship training. Priority will be given to Veterans, women and individuals with disabilities.
Once the Program Interest Form is completed, the prospective candidate will be invited to attend an orientation. At the orientation, you will learn all of the details about the Pre-Apprenticeship Program. If you are interested, you will be asked to stay to complete your testing assessments—reading, math and PC skills test.  Plan to spend three hours to complete the assessments and listen to the presentation.  Call John Gentile at (619) 231-5990, ext. 309 if you have questions about scheduling your orientation. Your questions about the program will be answered at orientation.
Able-Disabled Advocacy’s has received $3.2 million from the U.S. Department of Labor’s American Apprenticeship Initiative to develop 300 apprenticeships in San Diego.