A-DA's mission is "to provide vocational skills training and educational advancement for youth, military veterans, and adults with disabilities and to assist them in finding employment and overcoming barriers to personal and financial self-sufficiency." - Since 1975
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Ticket To Work

Ticket To Work
For Social Security Disability Recipients

What is Ticket to Work?
Ticket to Work is a work incentive program of the Social Security Administration to help disability recipients get off public benefits because they work and support themselves. Participation is voluntary. You are not required to participate. It is only for disabled individual who desire to get off benefits.

Who is eligible?
Individuals receiving SSI and SSDI between the ages of 18 and 64

Able-Disabled Advocacy is recruiting for our Ticket to Work Program.
What are A-DA’s requirements?

  • Receiving SSDI or SSI and desire of get off benefits
  • Must be ready to look for work immediately
  • Want full-time work and able to work in competitive employment outside the home
  • Want to earn over $750 per month
  • Have a job skill related to a desired career
  • Not in need of training (except Microsoft Office and IT training such as A+, Network+, Server, MCDST or other advanced IT training)
  • Medically stable
  • Able to actively participate in job search twice a week (office in City Heights)


How do you use your ticket?
Find an Employment Network (EN) whose services match what you will need to go to work. ENs offer different services, so you might want to check out more than one. You will assign your ticket to the EN that you choose. The EN must to agree to take your ticket. You can call Cindy at Able-Disabled Advocacy at (619) 231-5990, extension 315.

What kind of jobs do ENs have?
ENs don’t have jobs. They can assist you in looking for a job. You still need to compete in the open labor market and get hired. ENs can help individuals look for jobs in many occupations.

What services does A-DA offer to ticket holders?

  • Career counseling and benefits counseling
  • Resume assistance
  • Job Readiness Classes teach job search techniques, online applications, cover letters, phone screenings, interview techniques, job retention and more
  • Skills Training
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • IT Training leading to certification
  • Job search assistance
  • Video-taped practice interviews
  • Job development
  • Employment follow-up


Does A-DA have to accept my ticket?
Ticket holders can choose an EN and an EN can decide if they wish to accept an individual’s ticket.

What are the benefits to participating?
If you get a job, you will likely increase your income and improve the quality of your life. You are exempt from disability reviews when participating in the program because you are showing a willingness to become self-supporting. If you would like to see how working will affect your benefits, you can use the Benefits to Work Calculator here

Can I earn money and still receive my SSI or SSDI benefits?
The answer depends on whether you are receiving SSI or SSDI or both. SSI is a low-income program. When your income changes, such as when you earn income by working, your SSI cash benefit will change too because the benefit amount is based on income that you have. Most SSI recipients have no other income. Basically you will lose $1 for every $2 that you make and that starts immediately. If you are on SSDI, the answer is different. If you earn under the Trial Work Level ($750 in 2013), you can keep the money you earn and ALL of your cash benefit. If you earn over $750, you can still keep all the money you earn and keep your cash benefit if you have not used all of your Trial Work Months (months where earnings were over Trial Work Limit). We review how working affects benefits for all our ticket holders.

Is there a time frame for participating?
You have to show some progress towards your goal of employment. You will be expected to be working within 9 months unless enrolled in school. You can ask your EN about Timely Progress Reviews for the details. SSA will be asking ENs to document your progress (such as completing training or number of months worked each year). You will also receive a letter asking about your progress.

What happens if I try to work and find out that I not able to work because my medical condition worsens?
You can apply to get on benefits again. You can request expedited reinstatement of benefits and get back on benefits in about 60 days.

Will I lose my MediCal or Medicare benefits if I begin to work?
No, you can retain your medical benefits for 7 years after you start working. It is one of the provisions of the Ticket program. You may qualify for MediCal for the Working Disabled Program when you begin to work. Under this program, you can earn up to $40,000 and still qualify for medical benefits. You may have to pay a share of cost.

How do you verify that I did get a job?
We ask you to give us copies of your paystubs. We stay in touch with our ticket holders because we want them to continue to work successfully for a long time. We will track your employment for 60 months after you start work.

Do I have to report that I am working to the Social Security Administration office?
Yes, you are required to report it. You will need to provide copies of your paystubs to verify how much you earned. If you are receiving SSI, your cash benefit will change once you start working; however, you will still have more total income because SSA only takes away $1 in benefits for every $2 that you earn.

For more information, contact our Ticket-To-Work Counselor, Cindy Lennon at 619) 231-5990 ext. 315.